Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Laundry Room

We are slowly but surely renovating our entire house and soon we will move on to the laundry room.
     The Laundry room will be closet style, to give us the most amount of space for the basement
         If we go with white doors this will be the style of them, as we are changing all our doors to this style

                          If we choose to go with the doors, this will be the handles we will use
                                  However if we go with closet doors we will go with this style
                                                             Here is the sink we have
I would like to build a cabinet around it and have a counter top, so it looks more finished plus it gives us more storage space.

  love the idea of the jars they look so stylish compared to a box so you can leave them out on the counter
                I would love to have one or two cabinets over top of the laundry and a bar to hang clothes
                                                                 Love the side storage

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