Friday, 2 September 2011


Halloween is coming so I am starting to brainstorm for my kids Halloween party

 -cheese cloth curtains
-fill the cupcake dish with black jellybeans
- Decorate with cobwebs, bats, witches, scare crows, pumpkins,hay, sunflowers, leaf garland hung around windows outside
-dried out corn skin/leaves arch (light) with pumpkins on ground
-tin bucket of orange flowers with brown ribbon wrapped around it
-Table cloth, potato sack
-Use a roll of black plastic for walls
- black and orange balloons and streamers

-Frankenstein veggie platter: It' a cream cheese dip and its Amazing

-Fruit spider: a whole pineapple as body, peach as head, eyes are marshmallows and chocolate chips or M&M, legs are black licorice then make fruit kabobs (watermelon,banana, blueberries,cantaloupe, honeydew, peaches, kiwi) and stick on top. Then make a fruit dip in a bowl and draw spider web on top with icing or whip cream.

-Devil egg eyeballs- make deviled eggs,dip them in red food coloring and water or put red gel as eye veins, dye yolk green add olive or pickle for eye.or deviled egg- make little devil red pepper for horns,chives as whiskers, and green onion/scallions cut into triangles a beard

-Mummy dogs- hot dogs cut in half each way then wrap with Pillsbury dough boy croissant rolls, add ketchup or mustard for eyes.
-Nacho dip- on a round plate with sides spread cream cheese, then add salsa over top, make a circle in the middle with guacamole and make a spider web with sour cream over guacamole, add fake spider. Add shredded cheese, white and orange around edges, not over guacamole add some tortilla chips (make you own with wraps and Halloween cookie cutters and bake until crispy.

-Monster pizzas- English muffins halved with pizza sauce over top and mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top (can make mummy's) then cut up meat and veggies so kids can create there own monster face, make a few for ideas.

-Cauldron full of devilish dip- Pumpernickel bread, spinach dip, pretzels, and
red, orange and yellow peppers (makes it look like a fire)

-meatball burger-cut burger bun in 1/2 then into 4add lettuce and cheese slice (cut cheese with Halloween cookie cutter) add meat ball, some ketchup on top and a serving tooth pick to stick it all together or make hamburgers.

-egg salad (or any kind) sandwich cut with Halloween cookie cutters

-Halloween Popcorn- draw ghosts on white throw away cups and put orange dyed popcorn inside

chocolate cupcakes with white frosting then ants, worms and mummy's made of smarties and icing

Spiderweb Non-cook Cheesecake- by Martha Stewart

Pumpkin Cooler- Use a real pumpkin as a drink cooler

NOTE: Have martini cups with:
red syrup around edges as blood
black sprinkles
use black licorice as a straw
make ice cubes with red juice
paint scary faces on the inside of glass/clear cups with melted chocolate then freeze to harden


-Crow- black mermaid style skirt black shirt, black bowa scarf, maskara crow face.
Ken and Barbie
paper bag princess
swap couple- -Martha Stewart
bee keeper- white jump suit white hat (old lady) black net around hat with fake
bees glued to it and a tin pale that says honey with yellow candy inside and white gloves
with the finger tips painted yellow
pink cupcake


witches- black construction paper for hat and a black ribbon cut 1 in circle for base
and other make into a cone for the point. fill small green see threw bags with popcorn for face
and make a green witches nose and two black dot for eyes.

pumpkin- cut 2 pieces of orange tissue paper in circles put together add candy in middle fold paper to top
and twit so that it makes a pumpkin shape then use green tape as stem and to tape it u can do curls by wrapping tape around a pencil.


Mummy wrap - teams of 4 have 3 minutes to wrap a team member as a mummy using toilet paper.
Bobbing for apples  

Playing with Play-doh

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